Salem police use social media to create awareness on child abuse

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The Salem City Police are utilising the social media to hear public grievances and to create awareness among them about various laws and crimes.
City police recently on its Facebook page released an animated awareness video on child abuse with details on how organisations like Childline support such victims. The 10-minute video explores all angles of child sexual abuse cases.
The video explains how children are lured into such crimes, how they are exploited, what kind of support they need from parents and teachers during such incidents and the role of Childline.
The video also shows how people close to the family could sexually exploit the children. It explains about good touch and bad touch and how victims can report such crimes.
Deputy Police Commissioner (Law and Order) P.Thangadurai said that they were exploring the possibilities of utilising Internet platforms for creating awareness.
“Inspectors from All Women Police Stations are visiting schools in their limits and creating awareness among children on child sexual abuse. We are planning to make awareness short films and release them in YouTube to create awareness among the public.”
Commissioner of Police T. Senthil Kumar said, “Recently, Additional Deputy Commissioners of Police are redesignated as ADC, Crime against Women and Children and they would monitor such cases. Awareness about crimes against children is being created at institutions here.”
He added that the victims and their family were given confidence regarding the investigation procedures while registering cases. “They are counselled on various legal provisions and we give them confidence that their names would never be publicised. We also tell them how the accused could become a threat to others as well if the incident is not reported.”