Ahead of summit, ASI sources Korean grass from Karnataka

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A large quantity of natural grass from Karnataka has been sourced by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for landscaping three monuments, likely to be visited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping later this month.
About 2 lakh sq ft of Korean grass has been sourced from neighbouring Karnataka.
“Initially, we sourced it from Injambakkam, on the ECR, to improve the landscape around the monuments. But since it was not sufficient, we sourced it from Karnataka, near Mysuru,” an official said.
Potted plantsThe largest spread is around Krishna’s Butterball, while a considerable area around the Shore Temple already has a vast lawn. Since the area around the Five Rathas have a sand spread, lawns are not being spread there.
Besides lawns around the three monuments, potted plants have been rented for decorating various locations around the town.
“The ASI is taking care of the monuments and therefore, lawns are their responsibility. The rented plants are the responsibility of the panchayat office,” an officer said.
Various roads and streets in the coastal town are being re-laid in multiple locations and old fence around the Shore Temple was replaced on Friday.
Stretches around the three monuments are also being cleaned up with lawn mowers.
Senior ASI officials were on the spot, inspecting the works under way, since Friday morning.
Though there has not been much restriction on tourists , they will not be allowed into the monuments closer to the meeting dates, security personnel posted there said.