Crimes against women on rise: Anita Nair

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THANJAVUR: "Crimes against women are on the increase now. Not that they were not happening in the past. But they are reported now," said Anita Nair, novelist and poet and Sahitya Akademi award winner here on Thursday.
Delivering a lecture at the first anniversary celebrations of Literary Scholars Society (LSS),, Ms. Nair said that condition of women continue the remain the same as before though superficially it appears to have changed. May be in dress and other aspects changes may be visible. But basically condition is the same. "For example in Kannada, a woman calls her husband "Ejaman". I was appalled by this," Ms. Nair said.
She also called for change of attitude of men towards women.
Tracing her evolution as an Indian English writer, she said that she has been writing secretly for a long time. "First I wrote a poem and showed it to my parents. They asked me to write another poem before them and show and then only they will believe. At this point my poetic ability took a beating. But later when I started writing novels I told myself no matter what anybody says, whether I get disdain or reverence, I am going to write" she said.
She spoke elaborately about how she wrote her novels like Ladies Coupe, The Mistress, The Betterman, Idris, etc. She said that she wanted her writing to be meaningful, impact the readers, carry a message and transform society for the better.
Earlier, she told DC, though Indian-English writers have come now in more numbers, "mediocrity" remains a problem. Quality should improve. But I welcome lot of young writers coming in. "Non-interference is the best co-operation I receive from my husband," she said when asked about her husband's support to her.
She gave away LSS Lifetime achievement awards to Professors Palani Arangasamy, S.A. Sankara Narayanan and Dr K .Rajamanikkam.
S.P. Anthonisamy and S. Mohammed Rafi, patrons of LSS, Bharath Ravindran, secretary LSS, L. Bhaskaran, Treasurer, LSS and S. Ganesan, vice-president were among those who participated.