Illegal bore-well digging irks greens in Nilgiris

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COONOOR: Suspected illegal bore-well digging activity along the landslide prone slopes near Katteri junction along Ooty-Coimbatore NH, defying norms, hasirked the greens as they wanted the officials to take action to checkthis activity.
Though the Nilgiris district administration banned digging of bore-wells in the hills, as drilling the slopes would pave way for weakening the fragile soil structure and stability of the slopes, it appears some private persons along the Katteri junction near here have decided to defy the norms to dig bore-well.
Green activists in Coonoor circle said that along the eastern side of the hairpin bend No.13, along the Ooty-Coimbatore NH, somebody was trying to dig a bore-well. Though they are not using any heavy machinery for the purpose, they are using a small drilling machine, hidden under polythene cover, to drill the slopes, understandably to draw water from deep down the slopes, they noted.
It is a proven fact that the slopes along Katteri junction is highly prone to landslides. In the past this area witnessed heavy landslides during the North-East monsoon. When bore-well digging was not checked here then it would further weaken the already fragile soil along the slopes there thus making it to become more susceptible to landslides in future, a green activist pointed out, adding, the vibrations exerted by deep drilling would loosen the soil masses in nearby areas.