More excavations needed at Keeladi: Archaeologist

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THANJAVUR: An archaeologist, Amarnath Ramakrishna has emphasised the need for continuing thorough excavations for another ten years at Keeladi to trace the origin of history and civilization of Tamils and their growth.
Speaking on the topic Keeladi-history of Tamils and their lives, organised by a forum “Sindanai Medai” here on Wednesday, he said,” it is not enough if excavations are done for four or six months.” A complete excavation for ten years should be done, he said.
“Vaigai river must have flowed at Keeladi once upon a time; presence of silt indicate this. Bharathidasan University researchers have also confirmed this. This indicates that a fertile and advanced civilization might have existed there. Second phase of excavation at Keeladi indicated that an urban civilisation existed in the place. Fifteen wells and drainage systems indicate this. Moreover 1,800 articles were excavated. All are finished products. This shows that there was no manufacturing in the place; articles like ivory comb, play articles like “Dhayam”, ornaments indicate that they should have been purchased from outside. Only in urban civilisation articles are purchased,” he said.
“Only in Tamil Nadu writing on pot shells are found. Keeladi civilisation must have been an advanced one. “The entire Keeladi area would stretch across 110 acres whereas the present excavation and research has been confined to just five acres, Ramakrishna said, stressing the need to widen the project base.
“Only 10 per cent excavation-research has been done so far” he added. Mr. A. Nalladurai, advocate, Thanjavur, presided over the seminar.