Farmers want airport land acquisition process expedited

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Farmers’ Association has urged the Coimbatore district administration to complete the land acquisition process for the Coimbatore Airport expansion project.
CompensationIn a letter, the Association said the State Government had in 2012 issued a notification for acquiring 627 acre in Kalapatti, Irugur and Singanallur villages in Coimbatore North, South and Sulur taluks.
It had divided the 627 acre into 24 blocs and for lands in the seventh bloc, the Government had fixed a compensation of Rs.900 a sq.ft. for agriculture lands and Rs.500 a sq.ft. for plots.
The Central Government had meanwhile transferred Rs.2,200 crore for acquiring the lands identified and of it, Rs.75 crore was for lands in the seventh bloc. It had also credited the money to the district treasury.
After this announcement, for the past one-and-a-half years the State Government had made no progress. Meanwhile, media carried reports quoting Airports Authority of India that land required for expanding the Coimbatore Airport was only 427 acre and not 627 acre.
The lack of progress and the confusion regarding the land requirement for the expansion project troubled farmers as they were unable to take a decision. And, they were unable to have unfettered access to their property.
Therefore, the Government should clearly state how much land was required and release those lands that were not required.
And, for lands required, the Government must immediately complete the land acquisition process, the Association demanded.