Minister Thangamani inspects power house in Avalanche

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Power generation at the Avalanche Power House will begin in a few weeks’ time, once the necessary repair and maintenance works are completed, State Electricity Minister P. Thangamani said here on Friday.
The Minister, who was visiting Avalanche in the Nilgiris, which was affected by a number of landslips resulting from heavy rain across the district last month, said that more than 2,000 mm of rain was recorded in Avalanche over a three-day period between August 7 and August 9. “As a result, a landslip that occurred close to the power station in Avalanche led to mud and debris getting clogged in the dam and the power station,” Mr. Thangmani said.
He said repair and maintenance work was being undertaken by the Kundah circle of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation. The Minister also visited the homes of the staff working at the Avalanche power house, and distributed relief materials to those affected by the rain.
Speaking to reporters during the inspection, Mr. Thangamani said that an ambulance would also be made available for people living in the area.
Hydro electric projectHe said the government was waiting for clearance from the Forest Department to begin work on the Silahalla hydro electric project, which would be implemented in two phases.
Once the project was implemented, around 1,000 megawatts of electricity would be generated in the first phase, he said.