TNAU predicts normal northeast monsoon

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Coimbatore will receive normal rainfall during the northeast monsoon, the Agro Climate Research Centre of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has predicted.
As against the 30 years’ average of 305mm for the district, the forecast for this year is that the district may record 300 to 350 mm during October, November and December, Geetha Lakshmi, Director, Crop Management, said here on Saturday.
The month-wise prediction would be a hazardous guess because the northeast monsoon rain was dependent on the formation of low pressure troughs, which was difficult to predict. The monsoon season usually would see four such troughs and even if one were to intensify, the district would experience more rainfall and therefore the difficulty.
The month-wise average was 146mm for October, 118mm for November and 41mm for December. Last year, the district had received 151mm in October, 57mm in November and eight mm in December.
The southwest monsoon that ended with September had been good for Coimbatore as it had received more than the average rainfall, which was 210mm.
The rainfall received thus far – with two days left – was 305mm. The monsoon started at a sluggish pace as the rainfall recorded in June and July was less than the average. The district had recorded 21mm against the average 42.8mm and July 8.5mm against 68.5, Ms. Lakshmi said.
But the monsoon picked up in August as the rainfall recorded was 221.3mm against the average 30.7mm.
In September, the district had thus far received 54mm against 68mm.
The monsoon was also good for another reason – the number of rainy days was more than the average. The average number of rainy days was 16 but the district had 18 rainy days this year.
The Agro Climate Research Centre counts a day with more than 2.5mm rainfall as a rainy day.